Where To Find The Best Food In The World


There are quite a lot of places to get a good bite to eat, no matter what city you’re in or what country you are in! You can always go down to the local deli, hit up a nearby 4-star restaurant with a loved one for a date, or just stop at Wendy’s and get a dependable but cheap chicken sandwich.

However, we aren’t focusing on what places you can get food at in this article; well, technically we are, but we are trying to help you find the best PLACES to see great food in the entire world. This is as much as the different side of the same coin as far as it is something different entirely.

In this article, we will be piecing together our top picks (even though you may disagree, we sure don’t) for the best places across the entire globe to get a bite or two to eat. Enjoy!

The U.S.A
This might strike you as somewhat weird because of almost all if not all of American food is borrowed from different cultures. Hotdogs and the like are German, pretzels and most beer is German, Fries are Dutch, and the list goes on. That does not, however, mean that American cuisine is alone in its rite of ethnic and cultural foods! The hamburger and pigs a blanket exemplify not only a classic retro style of cooking but also a certain mindset that was put forth when the food was invented. If you ever want comfort food, you know where to go, so hit the road. Take a look at this video …. from LA to NY:

What is more quintessentially Greek than kalamata olives, white buildings, cyan water with white sand and blue sky? The answer is not a lot. But what else is Greece entirely famous for? It’s creamy, organic, natural green and kalamata olives combined with its delicate appreciation for lamb meats and heavily herbed but never spicy cuisine is entirely delicious. You will never find a country more influenced by herbs and olives, let me tell you.

Have you ever wanted to have the freshest, most delicious, lightest fish ever? Look no further than Japan; it’s incredibly articulate and well documented culinary history is more than essential to the culture and ethnicity of Japan. You will never find a more delicious, lighter, and more satisfying meal than some green tea and fresh sushi.

The best place for street food is in India, and you cannot argue against that. Nothing compares to the sweet, cinnamony and spicy curry or pepper fried chicken and other similar dishes that you can grab on a city road stand for so cheap. The richness and boldness in flavor are quintessential to global cuisine. The herbs and spices frown and used in India have found their way over the entire world and will always be part of culinary history.