Where To Find The Best Food In The World


There are quite a lot of places to get a good bite to eat, no matter what city you’re in or what country you are in! You can always go down to the local deli, hit up a nearby 4-star restaurant with a loved one for a date, or just stop at Wendy’s and get a dependable but cheap chicken sandwich.

However, we aren’t focusing on what places you can get food at in this article; well, technically we are, but we are trying to help you find the best PLACES to see great food in the entire world. This is as much as the different side of the same coin as far as it is something different entirely.

In this article, we will be piecing together our top picks (even though you may disagree, we sure don’t) for the best places across the entire globe to get a bite or two to eat. Enjoy!

The U.S.A
This might strike you as somewhat weird because of almost all if not all of American food is borrowed from different cultures. Hotdogs and the like are German, pretzels and most beer is German, Fries are Dutch, and the list goes on. That does not, however, mean that American cuisine is alone in its rite of ethnic and cultural foods! The hamburger and pigs a blanket exemplify not only a classic retro style of cooking but also a certain mindset that was put forth when the food was invented. If you ever want comfort food, you know where to go, so hit the road. Take a look at this video …. from LA to NY:

What is more quintessentially Greek than kalamata olives, white buildings, cyan water with white sand and blue sky? The answer is not a lot. But what else is Greece entirely famous for? It’s creamy, organic, natural green and kalamata olives combined with its delicate appreciation for lamb meats and heavily herbed but never spicy cuisine is entirely delicious. You will never find a country more influenced by herbs and olives, let me tell you.

Have you ever wanted to have the freshest, most delicious, lightest fish ever? Look no further than Japan; it’s incredibly articulate and well documented culinary history is more than essential to the culture and ethnicity of Japan. You will never find a more delicious, lighter, and more satisfying meal than some green tea and fresh sushi.

The best place for street food is in India, and you cannot argue against that. Nothing compares to the sweet, cinnamony and spicy curry or pepper fried chicken and other similar dishes that you can grab on a city road stand for so cheap. The richness and boldness in flavor are quintessential to global cuisine. The herbs and spices frown and used in India have found their way over the entire world and will always be part of culinary history.

What To Expect On A Mississippi Cruise


Taking a cruise by yourself or with some friends down the grand and beautiful Mississippi river can be invigorating and relaxing, as well as provide you with a sense of the true beauty of the Midwestern States. Depending on your personal preference, style, taste and more, you can get different cruises on different boats at different times of the year, that all stop in different places and have different types of entertainment onboard. Anything from a transportation cruise to a wealthy business elite or even a gourmet style cruise can be selected. No matter who you are, there is almost always something for everyone on the beautiful Mississippi River.

You will first need to decide whether or not a cruise is right for you. You can do this by merely looking up different kinds of journeys and see what fits your schedule and, most importantly, what fits within reasonable limits of your budget goal for the trip. There is one thing you will want to keep in mind when purchasing an expensive cruise, though; be careful not to spend all of your money on the cruise experience alone, because you will need to pay for food, drinks, entertainment and other sorts of activities.

There are also many different cruise options for you to choose from, and here are a few of the most popular cruise types for the Mississippi River.

  • Nighttime fireworks
  • Champagne cruises
  • Music, live entertainment, and dinner cruises
  • Luxury cruises with private couplets or cabins
  • Blues or classical cruises

What’s excellent about Mississippi cruises is the price; no matter what your budget is, you can always find a cruise that fits into your schedule and your budget. If you are looking to get away from the city or just want some time off of work but don’t feel like spending a ton of money on a cruise, there are always alternatives. For instance, a simple 4-night and 3-day cruise down the Mississippi will not only be budget friendly (when compared to other cruises of different styles) but will give you a great chance to explore the towns and look at the scenery.

Speaking of scenery, as you know, scenery tends to change from season to season; this is why Mississippi cruises are year round and don’t require you to spend all of your money on one cruise and at one time. Instead, feel free to book your cruise trip in the spring, the summer, or even the fall.

All of the towns and locations near the Mississippi are all beautiful, and it’s effortless to have fun and spend time doing the things you love when you go on a cruise. Always keep in mind what you want to be doing, what kind of cruise you want to go on and what kind of money you have in store for a vacation, and you will undoubtedly have an absolute blast!


Things to Do in Ireland


If there is one place you must visit before you die, then it’s Ireland. This beautiful island is packed with lots of interesting that can entertain you and your family. With its ancient monuments, romantic castles, sweeping landscape, and soothing music, Ireland is one place that you must visit. While there are countless things to do in Ireland, we’ve narrowed down the best of them that you may never to miss.

1. The Burren
The Burren is a great place to visit in Ireland and is located in North Clare and South Galway. It’s the most exciting and unique landscape in Ireland that is packed with spectacular rock formations made of limestone, and rare plants and animals. The Burren is a perfect spot for hikers and has a 45 km well-worn walking trail. With its breath-taking beauty, The Burren is a paradise for nature lovers as it has well over 600 different plant varieties which blossom throughout the year. The best time to visit this beautiful place is between April and October when the rocks are covered with flowers

2. Cruise on the River Shannon
If you love cruising or have dreamed to cruise, then you may get this chance in Ireland. Being the longest river in Ireland, River Shannon offers excellent cruising. It provides 500 kilometers of navigable waterways starting from Limerick all the way to the Lower Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. You can pick a boat at Portumna or Carrick which are some of the main centers for collecting boats. Come and relax while cruising in River Shannon and experience your life moving at a completely different pace.

3. Festivals
Now if you are into festivals, then Ireland has them all. From Horse racing to arts festivals, Ireland has a festival that will surely entertain you. These festivals happen throughout the year, so you will never miss one of them whatever time you will visit Ireland. Come and be entertained by famous artists like Neil Jordan at Dublin Theatre Festival which takes place in every September and October. Other festivals include Galway Arts Festival in every July and Kilkenny Cat Laughs in June.

Ireland is a golfer’s paradise that offers quality and world-class golf courses. The reasonable prices and beautiful landscape make golf enthusiasts never resist coming back to Ireland again and again. In fact, Golfing is one of the major attractions of Ireland. There are several golf courses such as Royal County Down Golf Club which is located in Northern Ireland, and Ballybunion Golf Club in Co Kerry, Ireland.

5. The Cliffs of Moher

If you’re looking for breathtaking views, then you should visit the Cliffs of Moher. Located on the west coastline of Ireland, the cliffs are covered in green and can be as high as 700 feet above the water. On a clear day, you can actually see Aran Islands.

How To Visit Rome on a Budget


A visit to Rome, The Eternal City is (or should) on everyone’s list of great places to visit at least once in a lifetime. The beautiful and romantic city (don’t forget – they invented the word romantic’) offers more to see and do than one can experience in one trip, and visitors find themselves wanting to return and again. If are able, there are various of ways to spend money on your vacation in Rome, but for the budget-minded (and who isn’t these days?) it is still possible to experience all of Rome’s romance and glory without needing the wealth of an Emperor.

The first step is to book an off-season trip to the city – and there are other good reasons to do this – when airfares are much lower, and hotels offer off-season rates. Aside from saving a substantial amount of money, you’ll be in the city at a time when there aren’t so many other visitors clamoring to see the same sights and lining up in impossibly long queues to do so. The winter months are much less crowded (except for the Christmas season), and there is plenty to do in the city when the weather is not so good. But Rome has relatively mild winters, so you’re likely to see some sun and temperatures should not be too extreme.

Eating out can be very inexpensive – be sure and visit some of the trattorias off the beaten tourist path to get a taste of real Italian food for a reasonable price – or grab a slice of pizza for a quick, cheap and filling snack.

Also, take advantage of the many free churches and museums available, these are often less touristy but still offer a wealth of exciting and wonderful things to see. You can also get discounts if you are under 25 or even enjoy free entrance if you are over 65 or under 18.

In the off-season it’s easy to find cheap rooms – there are four-star hotels in Rome that start at well under 100 euros per night during the winter. And if you’re really on a budget, you can book a room in one of the convents for a very small amount of money (and you do not have to be a Catholic).

So, Rome is a fantastic place to see whether you are on a budget or not. It offers everything from beautiful nature on adventure holidays to foreign culture on city breaks. You can make traveling in Rome anything you want it to be by setting and sticking to your budget. This will allow you to do and see all the things you want without damaging your bank account too badly and leaving you with many amazing and interesting memories of your time Rome.

5 Best Places to Hike in U.S.

The United States is a large country with plenty of awesome places where you can take a walk, get that blood pumping, and get to experience some amazing views. If you’ve spend most of your time during spring and winter, the following are five best places in the US where you hike and break that indoor boredom.

1. Zion National Park

Located in Utah, the Zion National park is a climber’s and hiker’s paradise with a variety of options to choose. It’s a well-organized park with a shuttle system which passes most of the trail heads. You will also find numerous backpacking options if you’re looking to stay overnight. A hike in the Zion National Park is not enough without exploring the canyon depths and several cliffs in the park. The park has several challenging trails to choose, and it’s important that you pay attention to the weather before visiting this place. This is because floods could occur anytime. You can hike through the Angels Landing, the Narrows, or the west wall of Zion Canyon.


2. Grand Canyon

If you love hiking, then Grand Canyon is not a strange place to you. It offers one of the greatest hikes in the US which attracts many tourists across the world. When hiking the Grand Canyon, you can choose to wander around the rim or walk down to the bottom. The latter is more adventures, but it needs proper planning. To hike this perfect place, you must apply for a permit 6 months before the D-day. There are various trails to take including the Bright Angel trail, South Kabaab trail, and the North Rim.

3. Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park is another massive park which has it all for hike lovers such as waterfalls, mountains, historic trees, lakes, and beaches. In Yosemite park, you have plenty of options as it has over 800 miles of hiking trails. It has easy paved trails for those who just need to have a relaxing walk and more challenging trails for the hardcore trekkers. You can hike through the Yosemite valley where you’ll be able to view the Half Dome and Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point Road for those who want to view the valley better, or the Wawona area to view the historical giant trees.


4. Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is the second largest river in the US with amazing views for hike lovers. You may not like the rainy weather, but the spectacular views would amaze you. Located in Washington and Oregon, The river has plenty of trails to choose including the Angel’s Rest for day hikes, Dog Mountains, and the challenging Mount Defiance which has snow.

5. Denali National Park

The Denali National Park is also a unique hiking place in the US located in Alaska. However, the park does not have marked trails past the entrance. Some of the trails which are near the entrance include the Mount Healy Overlook Trail where you’ll have amazing views of the valley and the ridge, and the Save River Loop Trail which gives a feel of wilderness, and

Advantages of Traveling Solo


It’s certainly an enjoyable experience to travel with friends and family. Traveling in a group always brings joy as you can share great and memorable experiences together. However, sometimes it is essential to explore the world all by yourself while exploring your inner self as well. Here are some of the advantages of traveling solo.

1. Study Different Culture Closely
When you travel to different parts of the world alone, you get plenty of time to deeply dwell on the culture of the people you visit. You will have no choice than to observe people and their different ways of living in a much closer way. When traveling in a group, you will spend much time engaging with each other and fail to observe the culture keenly.

2. Self-Discovery
Sometimes it is just essential to travel alone and have some time to yourself. If you go alone, you get more time to reflect upon your life and know yourself better. Once you are out there, you will be faced with new and unique decisions you will have to make, fears you need to overcome and discover your true self. You might be aware that you like some certain things, but you’ve never got a solo time to try them out. Identify what you need and what you have always craved for.

3. Live a Life With No Drama
A little drama from other people may be necessary to our lives. However, there are times that you don’t feel like being a part of any drama at all. That’s the time that you need to go out and travel to different parts of the world alone. Give yourself some time and live a life free from drama. Imagine yourself in a place like Disney and the only thing bothering you is how best you will maximize your enjoyable experience.

4. Boosts Your Self-Confidence and Also Makes You Self-reliant
Traveling alone to different parts of the world (Find the best places!) will boost your self-confidence as you will have to meet new people and deal with them time and again. This will also help in improving your power of self-reliance. When you get back to such a trip next time, you will realize that your behavior, attitude, and self-confidence will have improved.

There you have it! Top advantages of traveling solo. You don’t have to be afraid of doing it. Just ask the hotel personnel about the safety situation of your destination and keep your eyes wide open. Within no time, you will realize that traveling solo is such an amazing experience.

Safety Advice for Adventures Costa Rica


Planning for adventure in Costa Rica can be an exhilarating, memorable experience but before traveling to any foreign country, it is imperative to prepare yourself fully and be as knowledgeable as possible about what to expect and how to the best plan for your adventures.

Getting Around Costa Rica
Driving in Costa Rica is often a memorable experience. It’s not uncommon to see a pothole the size of a small crater, and while on the move, keep in mind that stop signs in this country are treated like yield signs in North America. Roadways are often narrow, and it’s rare to see a guardrail.

If you plan on renting an automobile in Costa Rica, agencies are strict about things like dents or scratches so take off the car as you would your own back home. If you prefer taking a taxi, be aware that several unofficial “taxi services” in Costa Rica do not use the taxi’s meter, so make sure you agree upon a price if this is the case beforehand.

Hotels, resorts and even many bed and breakfast’s have their transportation service using taxis to places like the airport or the beach, so use these rates as a gauge if you’re unsure of a fair price.

Fortunately, the locals of Costa Rica are friendly people and more than willing to help a foreigner find their way around, and English is widely spoken in the country, but most especially in tourist areas and the larger cities.

Safety in Costa Rica
While it’s true that violent crimes exist in every society and every country and Costa Rica is not exempt from this fact, crime rates are notably lower here than anywhere else in Latin America. However, do keep all of your valuables out of sight and never leave them in your vehicle. Wallets should be in front pockets and ask a local if you are unsure of a particular area and its safety, especially while walking after dark. Take a look at a recent article on safety warnings in Costa Rica.

Emergency services are available throughout the country by dialing 911 and if you plan on swimming either the near Pacific side or the Atlantic or Caribbean side, keep in mind that sharks make their homes in these waters, especially all around the country’s small islands. Another word of caution in regards to swimming off the coast while visiting its beautiful beaches pertains to rip tides.

When to Visit Costa Rica
Costa Rica claims two seasons, dry and wet, the former lasting from December to April and the latter from May to November. But, because the country is situated near the equator, be sure to take along plenty of sunscreens whatever time of the year you visit while staying amply hydrated. Wet, or green season as it’s often called, is when you will find the biggest discounts for hotels as the crowds are at a minimum.

Of course, it is often a matter of personal preference as to the very best time for visiting this beautiful country, taking into consideration the activities and sights you’re interested in before planning your vacation, suffice it say you will have a memorable time whenever you choose to visit.


How to Make Money While Traveling 


Traveling is such a fun way to spend your free time. You get to experience different cultures, visit historical places, make amazing memories with your friends and family among other great things. However, this comes at a cost. For you to travel you need to have enough money. For that reason, you should know how to make money while you are traveling. Making that money is important as you can use it to facilitate more activities while on your trip or plan for another great adventure.

Some of the ways you can of how to make money while traveling includes: 

1. Photography
If you are traveling, you are bound to see a lot of interesting things and places. With the current world being all about digital media, you should use this to your advantage. You can make money by taking high-quality pictures of the place that you are visiting. These photos can then be sold to tour and travel companies, magazines, book publishers and other people who wish to market the services they provide.

2. Scuba diving or Surfing instructor
This is a great way, for those who are good at swimming, to earn money when traveling in places such as Thailand, Maldives, and islands or coastal countries. If you are good at scuba diving or surfing and can teach someone how to do it, you should get a certification. This will prove that you can be able to teach someone. It is a fun way of enjoying the trip while making money at the same.

3. Take advantage of your talents and skills
Almost everyone is good at least one thing. Whether it is dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument or making people’s hair, you can earn a decent income from them. For instance, if you are a performer, you can ask to perform in the hotel you are staying in or at a bar in that area.

4. Cruise Ship Jobs
Traveling on a cruise ship is a fascinating travel experience. Why not make it better and make money while at it? In a cruise ship, one has a variety of jobs to choose from. From being a receptionist, chef, travel nurse to being a DJ. You can take advantage of your profession to offer services such as taking up part-time cooking if you are a chef. It is also a great way of networking. Read here, and find out more about working on a cruise ship.

5. Bartender or waiter 

This is another excellent way of making money. When traveling, you should consider being a bartender or a waiter at a bar near you. This is especially common in areas with a vibrant nightlife. You can offer to provide such services and in return make some money.

In conclusion, as evident by the above examples, there are very many jobs which you can take up while traveling. The money you get, however small, can help to cover some of your expenses such as meals and entrance fee at some places that you visit.

Here are more ideas:


Packing Tips for Packing Light

The packing tips offered here are based on the cornerstone of packing light. The lighter the better! Have you ever gone on vacation, say a cruise vacation and the excitement keeps you awake for days before you leave? Then, it hits you – what do I pack! how do I pack! what bag will I use? Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded? These questions are easily answered by the development of a packing blueprint specifically tailored to your needs. By using a packing checklist you will be able to accurately pack a bag, even at the last minute. When you’re flying 50,000 feet above the ocean on your way to the Caribbean you won’t have to wonder if you’ve forgotten something.

Trip packing can be simple and fun! Just follow the blueprint!

Follow these 3 steps to creating your personalized packing list:

  • Begin planning 3 to 4 weeks before your trip (As you gain experience packing with your blueprint the time will decrease tremendously!) This will allow you to think through, purchase necessary items and refine your list.
  • Visualize what you will be doing each day of your trip. Laying out your complete outfits by day helps you to do this.
  • Print out one of the sample packing checklists below. Continually revise this list until it meets your needs. After each and every trip, go through your list and mark off any items you will not ever use. Also, add any items you decided you can’t live without for your next trip!

So what are the rewards of Traveling Light?

SIMPLICITY – traveling light keeps things effortless and uncomplicated

SECURITY – traveling light gives you protection and safeguards you from things like lost luggage

SERENITY – traveling light gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip

SAVINGS – traveling light saves you money on luggage charges, porter fees, and missed flights

Always remember the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “He who would travel happily must travel light.”

Happy Traveling!